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Re: Question Where to write my code (Tim Hodson)
Date: 14 Feb, 2011
From: David Oxley <David Oxley>

Hi Tim,

I am not a developer, just a humble user like yourself, but I can at least give you my take on some of these points. I am sure I will get corrected if I am wrong.

On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 04:54:02 GMT, Tim Hodson wrote:

> Greetings all,
> I have progressed to the stage where I am teaching myself to write code
> from almost scratch (heavy assistance required from templates, examples,
> reference physics lists etc).
> I am trying to write program that has a source of 100keV x-rays in the
> centre of a box filled with water. I have defined my detector and
> physics list (gammas and electrons defined as secondarys undergoing a
> few of the low energy processes).
> I wrote these from scratch in visual C++ compiler and not in cygwin. I
> was going to compile in cygwin using "make". Is this the correct way of
> doing things? I am a little worried that geant4 files are .hh and .cc
> and .mac whereas when I start from the compiler in windows I can only
> get .cpp .h and can't define a .mac at all.

I have not used geant in windows so cant help so much there, but I would be surprised if you cant write a .mac at all. I think you can just force it in saving. If you give a file the name file.mac windows usually calls it that, even if it doesnt recoginize it.

Point is though, I dont think it HAS to be called .mac. It is just for reference, there is no header or anything so you can just call it .txt or .macros or .whatever , I think.

> I am about to declare/define my Primary Generator action class. As I
> want an isotropic source of x-rays would it be best to use the GPS
> rather than particle gun? How/where do I write the macros for this? 

I'd recommend using the GPS for your source. If you are after an isotropic point source it should be easiest. The macros for this can go anywhere as the compiler has no knowledge of (or interest in) the macros. So the macros doesn't have to be placed in the same directory structure as say the .ccs or .hhs in order to be found. When you are running, you need to give the path of the macros, but I believe that can be anything. If you dont know how to do this when you are ready to run, let me know.


> realise there are unix editors like vi, but have been advised as someone
> who is new to unix (i taught myself just for this project) that they
> represent a major headache.

See how you get on, but if you are going to be doing a lot of this work I'd advise using unix. Maybe get a little used to geant as you have just started in windows. But you dont need to be a unix master to compile and run your codes The rest is the c++/geant4, which is equally difficult in windows. I'd advise using a machine with it already installed or finding someone to help you install it though. There some unix experience will help.

> I'm sorry if these are tedious and obvious questions but all the GEANT4
> resources I've found on the internet start at a much higher level than
> these basic considerations. Cheers, Tim

I agree. I remember having very similar questions when I started. If you have really never done anything like this before, the examples can be tricky.

Hope it helps!


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