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Question OpenGL .eps file output -- flattening cutaways with lots of structure? 

Forum: (Graphical) User Interfaces
Date: 14 Dec, 2010
From: Michael H. Kelsey <Michael H. Kelsey>

I have a relatively complex structured detector inside a cryostat. In order to validate my geometry builder, I made a couple of nice cutaway drawings and wrote out EPS files using OpenGL:

  /vis/open OGLIX 600x600-0+0
  /vis/viewer/set/autoRefresh false
  /vis/viewer/set/culling global
  /vis/viewer/zoomTo 1.5
  ### Elevation drawing at midplane of cryostat
  /vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi 89 -90
  /vis/viewer/addCutawayPlane 0 0 0 cm 0 1 0
  ### Plan drawing cut at top of innermost cryostat
  /vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi 0 0
  /vis/viewer/addCutawayPlane 0 0 21.52 cm 0 0 -1

This worked beautifully, and I got two G4OpenGL_0.eps (7tower_cutaway.eps) and _1.eps (7tower_cutaway-top.eps) files as expected, and which I've attached.

However, those files are huge! The side view is 2.3 MB, and the top view is 1.9 MB. For comparison, a top view without the cutaway (which is a really boring red cylinder with two red cylinders sticking out of it :-) is less than 1 MB. When I convert the EPS files to PDF, the situation is even worse, at over 5 MB each.

The "culling global" command did help (the side view was 3.5 MB before that), but not nearly as much as I think it should have. Do either /vis/viewer or /vis/ogl have a command which is analogous to the "flatten" action you find in something like PhotoShop? That is, instead of writing out drawing and over-drawing actions for all of the partially hidden objects, only the actually visible pieces are drawn in the output. I wasn't able to find anything obvious, either with |help| or in the Applications Book.

      -- Michael Kelsey


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