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None range checking broken in 10.1?  

Forum: (Graphical) User Interfaces
Date: 19 Feb, 2016
From: Ben Loer <Ben Loer>

I'm trying to define a new command and set range boundaries for the parameters using G4UIcommand::SetRange. According to the application developer's guide : "Use C++ notation, e.g., "x > 0 && x < 10", with variable name(s) defined by the SetParameterName() method. For the case of a G4ThreeVector, you can set the relation between parameters, e.g., "x > y".

But if I build a command within a messenger like
testcmd = new G4UIcmdWith3Vector("/test",this);
testcmd->SetRange("x > 0 && y > x");
I get
PreInit> help /test         

Command /test
Guidance :
 Range of parameters : x > 0 && y > x

Parameter : x
 Parameter type  : d
 Omittable       : False

Parameter : y
 Parameter type  : d
 Omittable       : False

Parameter : z
 Parameter type  : d
 Omittable       : False

PreInit> /test 1 2 3        
parameter out of range: x > 0 && y > x

It seems to work OK for simpler statements that don't relate between parameters like "x>0". But I was originially working with a command consisting of a string, two doubles, and a unit and there even simple tests always failed.

Is there some magic incantation I'm missing here?

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