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Question GPS segmentation fault at end of program 

Forum: Run Management
Date: Mar 20, 06:51
From: Oliver Wenman <Oliver Wenman>

Hi all,

I have a very strange segmentation fault occurring directly at the end of my program once everything is finished.

The very last line of code is executed in the main which prints "Finished" which it does but then does Segmentation fault (core dumped).

I've narrowed down the problem to using these GPS commands. Specificity whenever I use any biasing commands such as:

/gps/hist/type biasy

/gps/hist/point 0.00 1.00

/gps/hist/point 0.10 1.02

/gps/hist/point 0.20 1.04

/gps/hist/point 0.30 1.06

/gps/hist/point 0.40 1.08

/gps/hist/point 0.50 1.10

/gps/hist/point 0.60 1.08

/gps/hist/point 0.70 1.06

/gps/hist/point 0.80 1.04

/gps/hist/point 0.90 1.02

/gps/hist/point 1.00 1.00

What's stranger is that it wont lead to a segmentation fault if I apply the commands but don't run the simulation. It's only once when I run the simulation that once the program goes to exit that it leads to a segmentation fault once it has literally done everything. If I don't use these commands at all then I don't have this issue.

This isn't a massive issue as I've said it happens once the program has finished but could be a problem when wrapping this program and shouldn't happen to begin with.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix or solve this or is this a bug?


Oli Wenman

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