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Question Modifying geometry between runs 

Forum: Run Management
Date: 23 Jul, 2018
From: Lara Mason <Lara Mason>

Dear experts,

I had posted this in the geometry forum, but perhaps it is better here.

I am trying to move a source between runs. I have tried to replicate the methodology used in example B5 where the arm angle is rotated between runs. I have attached my code ( and the corresponding example B5 code here, as well as the macro I'm using. To start, I have just defined a simple function BrachyDetectorConstructionGammaMed::MoveSourceX(G4double x) to move one piece of my geometry (physical_steel_shell) between runs (I'll expand this to all the pieces later). I'm not getting errors, but I'm just getting the message "Detector has not yet been constructed." whenever I try to run the simulation. This means, I guess, that the function can't find the physical volume in question in order to move it. This is my issue - why can't it find the volume? What am I missing here, and how do I fix this?

Thank you very much in advance for your help



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