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None Re: G4RandFlat::shoot(0,..) gives negative number in G4Cons::GetPointOnSurface()  

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Re: Question G4RandFlat::shoot(0,..) gives negative number in G4Cons::GetPointOnSurface() (Stefan E. Mueller)
Date: 16 Mar, 2018
From: Makoto Asai <Makoto Asai>

Dear Stefan,
Thank you for your report.
It seems to me an issue of G4Cons implementation so let me invite our
Geant4 Geometry WG coordinator in CC for his comment.
Kind regards,
Makoto Asai

On 3/16/18, 10:50 AM, "Stefan E. Mueller" <> wrote:

>*** Discussion title: Run Management
>Dear all,
>I am just debugging a Geant4 application of a colleague of mine in which
>we get warnings like this:
>Checking overlaps for volume Tripple Cluster Casing ...
>-------- WWWW ------- G4Exception-START -------- WWWW -------
>*** G4Exception : GeomVol1002
>      issued by : G4PVPlacement::CheckOverlaps()
>Overlap with mother volume !
>          Overlap is detected for volume Tripple Cluster Casing
>          with its mother volume World
>          at mother local point (-1.02845e+07,2.51897e-09,-2.91064e+08),
>overlapping by at least: 291.061 km
>NOTE: Reached maximum fixed number -1- of overlaps reports for this
>volume !
>*** This is just a warning message. ***
>I tracked this done to the call to G4Cons::GetPointOnSurface() in
>source/geometry/solids/CSG/src/, coming from
>The volume "Tripple Cluster Casing" is a simple cylinder with r=115mm and
>z=706mm, but apparently since it is imported from a GDML-file it is
>defined as 
>a cone.
>Now what I found is that the line 2166 in
>chose  = G4RandFlat::shoot(0.,Aone+Atwo+Athree+Afour+2.*Afive);
>sometimes yields (very large) negative numbers for the variable "chose",
>which is not what I'd naively expect from this call to G4RandFlat::shoot.
>In the next lines, the several cases for the different surfaces of the
>cone on which the point should sit are sampled via
>if( (chose >= 0.) && (chose < Aone) )
>  {
>  else if( (chose >= Aone) && (chose <= Aone + Atwo) )
>  {
> (more cases probed, but always "chose" > 0.)
>  else
>  { 
>    zRand  = G4RandFlat::shoot(-1.*fDz,fDz);
>    rRand1 = 
>    return G4ThreeVector (rRand1*std::cos(fSPhi+fDPhi),
>                          rRand1*std::sin(fSPhi+fDPhi), zRand);
>  }
>So indeed if "chose" is negative, one ends up with this last "else"-case,
>in which (again) G4RandFlat::shoot(..) gives very negative numbers for
>zRand and rRand1:
>(gdb) p zRand
>$44 = -291063511.72417974
>(gdb) p rRand1
>$45 = -10284491.597954744
>and consequently the "surface"-point which is returned back to
>G4PVPlacement::CheckOverlaps(..) has coordinates which are far off the
>(gdb) p point
>$46 = {dx = -10284491.597954744, dy = 2.5189739432586253e-09,
>  dz = -291063511.72417974, static tolerance = 2.22045e-14}
>And this triggers the above warning.
>I tried to find out what G4RandFlat::shoot(..) is supposed to do and what
>it means if it returns a negative value from a positive interval, but was
>not succesful. Maybe somebody could shed some light on this problem?
>I am using geant4.10.04p01 with gcc 7.2.0, compiled in "debug" mode and
>with multithreading support enabled (but never used...). System is Debian
>4.14.13-1 (2018-01-14) x86_64 GNU/Linux (problem was also seen with on
>other machines with geant4.10.04).
>Random number engine is initialized like this:
>        //choose the Random engine
>        CLHEP::HepRandom::setTheEngine(new CLHEP::Ranlux64Engine);
>        // get new randomseed at every start
>        time_t systime = time(NULL);
>        CLHEP::HepRandom::setTheSeed(systime);
>Is this a legitimate way to do this? Maybe that is where the problem
>comes from?
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>unsubscribe) at: 

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