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Re: Sad Run ending prematurely but without error (Seb Galer)
Re: Idea Re: Run ending prematurely but without error (Loc Martin)
Re: Feedback Re: Run ending prematurely but without error (Robert Hatcher)
Date: 10 Apr, 2013
From: Loc Martin <Loc Martin>

> This looks like the value is getting stored as a 32-bit int somewhere
> along the way. The maximum values that can be stored in a signed 32-bit
> int is 2147483647. When your 10000000000 value is being parsed and put
> in the variable it is no doubt turning into 1410065408, as upper bits
> get chopped off

you're right : using the command "BeamOn" with less than 2147483647 in argument, It is working. It seems my macro file with twice the beamOn command only works cause I forgot a "0" in the argument, so it was beamOn 1E9 instead of beamOn 1E10. Thank you for your answer, you 've solved my problem.

For Seb Galer, I think like me you use the beamOn with an argument very higher than the number of events you want in your ROI, to avoid the end of the simulation before getting the number of events required : you should try with several beamOn in your macro file, and cumulate results and number of events in your ROI (stored as float or double to avoid size problems) from a run to the following. For example I use a macro file with 100 beamOn of 1E9 events for generate 1E11 events, and I can abort the run when about 1E10 particles have been generated.

all my thanks once again to M. Robert Hatcher

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