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Question Warning: theListOfSecondaries() is not empty 

Forum: Run Management
Date: 28 Jul, 2010
From: Tomasz Sakrejda <Tomasz Sakrejda>

I'm running a Geant4 simulation of a 100 TeV muon passing through a very large volume of water (10m x 10m x 1km, for now.) I'm interested in accumulating all electrons and positrons passing every meter of a 100m sensitive region after the 1km.

The program works excellently for low energies- up to about 275GeV. At 290 GeV and above, however, it spits out the "Warning: theListOfSecondaries() is not empty" error message, and exits early. It does -not- segfault. It prints out all the information I request and exits cleanly otherwise, with the exception of that error message.

The issue is that I'm saving all secondary tracks for the purposes of plotting the distribution of electrons, and when this error message begins to appear, the number of tracks drops steeply. The 275GeV file was about twice the size of the 290 GeV file- 198k versus 97k This may simply be a statistical fluctuation- I was going to repeat with a larger number of statistics/etc, but I'm running it at a computing center which is currently offline. Yet more confusing, despite the fact that Geant doesn't seem to be printing -all- of the secondary tracks or counting them in the 100m-layer region, it doesn't have a problem printing -more- tracks. When I attempted the 100TeV simulation, it created a 26 gigabyte file. The number of secondaries in the 100TeV case is also too low, which is what lead me to find the 275/290 cutoff.

My current intuitions regarding the structure of Geant lead me to believe that there's some limitation on the maximum number of allowed secondaries created by a physics process, but I can't figure out where it might be, or how to disable it.

Any commentary or direction would be appreciated at this point.

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