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None Strange and Frustrating Output 

Forum: Run Management
Date: 19 Apr, 2009
From: <>

Hello everyone,

I've built a scintillation detector experiment using lots of help from this forum and the given example code. In particular I used much of the file for from novice example 2 for my SteppingVerbose File. This has recently become a problem because that file calls for lost of information to be printed for every particle that is created and during scintillation events many 1000s of particles are generated and this takes a VERY long time to print out. I figured I could do without that information and deleted it to save run time. Now my stepping verbose file looks like this:

ExN01SteppingVerbose::ExN01SteppingVerbose() {}

ExN01SteppingVerbose::~ExN01SteppingVerbose() {}

void ExN01SteppingVerbose::StepInfo() { }

void ExN01SteppingVerbose::TrackingStarted() { }

I just deleted all the stuff inside the functions because it wasn't necessary. Also my SteppingVerbose header file looks like this:

class ExN01SteppingVerbose;

#ifndef ExN01SteppingVerbose_h
#define ExN01SteppingVerbose_h 1

#include "G4SteppingVerbose.hh"

class ExN01SteppingVerbose : public G4SteppingVerbose 


  void StepInfo();
  void TrackingStarted();



The problem is that even after saving this file, and removing any and all references to the problem from the tmp/WIN-32/VC/ and bin/WIN-32/VC folders and completely rebuilding the application from scratch, it still behaves in the same manner as it did before I cleared out the print information from the SteppingVerbose files.

Namely it's still printing out something like the following for each particle:

Step# "Number" X mm Y mm Z mm KineE MeV deStep StepLeng mm TrakLeng mm Volume 
                1.4    3   20.5  43      
Lots of other stuff
Other Stuff
                                                             Out of World


As you can imagine this makes the application take an eternity to finish but I don't know how to make it stop, it's as if it remembers or has a backup of the original stepping verbose file that it keeps using even though I have a new one in place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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