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Question Problem with CLHEP RandGeneral 

Forum: Run Management
Date: 16 Jan, 2009
From: valentina <valentina>

Hi all,

I have a problem with CLHEP RandGeneral.
My run crashes giving the message:

FirsovXMMTel: src/ double CLHEP::RandGeneral::mapRandom(double) const: Assertion `theIntegralPdf[nbelow] <= rand' failed.

This error occurs randomly during the run (it can happen at the start or after millions of particles).

I simulate the interaction of protons with the optics of XMM Newton space telescope at grazing incidence angles.
For this purpose, I have implemented the G4FirsovScattering process (not in the GEANT4 distribution) that generates the proton scattering angle randomly according to the Firsov probability distribution using Rand General:

 G4double G4FirsovScattering::DoFirsovReflection( G4double phy )
    G4double thetaMin = 0.0;
    G4double thetaMax = pi/2;
    G4int nBins = 1000;
    G4double probDist[1000];

    for( G4int i=0; i<nBins; i++ ) {
	G4double theta = thetaMin + ((thetaMax-thetaMin)/nBins)*i;
	probDist[i] = 3*pow(phy*theta,1.5)/

    CLHEP::RandGeneral randGeneral( probDist, nBins );
    G4double random = randGeneral.shoot();
    G4double scatAngle = thetaMin + (thetaMax-thetaMin)*random;

    return scatAngle;

I think that there is some problem with the random distribution of the incident particles, because if I change the seed in currentEvent.rndm, the run doesn't crash or it crashes in another point.

The protons are generated randomly in a macro file:
/random/resetEngineFrom currentEvent.rndm
/run/beamOn 100000000

the seed is given by (as example):



I hope that my message is enough clear...
Thank you all for your work!!

Best regards,
Valentina Fioretti

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