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Question Problem with /random/resetEngineFrom ? 

Keywords: random status
Forum: Run Management
Date: 26 May, 2006
From: Ioannis Sechopoulos <Ioannis Sechopoulos>

I noticed that if you reset the random engine from a previously saved currentEvent.rndm using the above command, the next event will be the same than the last one that saved the currentEvent.rndm file, BUT after that, the following events are not the same. Specifically: I inserted a few HepRandom::showEngineStatus(); in different places (BeginOfRunAction, EndOfRunAction, BeginOfEventAction, EndOfEventAction, GeneratePrimaries) and then I turned on /random/setSavingFlag and performed a 10-event long run.

Then I exit and re-started the program, turned on /random/setSavingFlag again and performed a 4-event run. All the random engine status are equal with the previous run, as expected.

Then, I exit and re-start the program a third time, I use /random/resetEngineFrom currentEvent.rndm and perform /run/beamOn 6. As expected, the engine status outputs for the first event are equal to the last one of the previous run and the fourth of the first run, but the engine status at the EndOfEventAction of the first (replicated) event is different, and of course, all the others after that (for the other 5 events). Shouldn't they follow the same random numbers as before, or is it expected that only the first event will be replicated?

I am trying to simulate the re-starting of a long simulation that crashed half-way and I want to pick up where it crashed, but it seems that I won't get the same results as if the simulation had never crashed. I hope my problem is clear. Thanks

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