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Re: Question changes in novice examples (ozkansahin)
Date: 25 Jul, 2006
From: Ryan Romero <>

First I'd like to thank those who've helped me before. I finally got Geant4.8.1 installed correctly.

I have had novice examples 2, and 3 working with correct graphics.

I'm trying to strip down and build up to the exact geometry that I want.

So far I've enlarged the original world and adjusted tracker_log to the dimensions I need. I've compiled this with no errors, so I'm assuming geant doesn't mind what I've done so far.

What it does seem to mind is my attempts to incorporate graphics into exampleN01.

I'd like to see whether what I'm doing is coming out right but haven't had success so far. The errors I get are strange though. They claim I am not defining scenes are scene handlers when it seems clear that I am in the code.

here are my error messages:

Visualization verbosity changed to all (6)
New empty scene "scene-0" created.
ERROR: G4VisCommandViewerCreate::SetNewValue: no scene handlers.
  Create a scene handler with "/vis/sceneHandler/create"
ERROR: G4VisCommandsViewerSet::SetNewValue: no current viewer.
ERROR: G4VisCommandsViewerZoom::SetNewValue: no current viewer.

here the part of my main that seems to be causing the trouble:

../instantiation and initialization of visualation manager/..

G4UImanager* UI = G4UImanager::GetUIpointer();

UI->ApplyCommand("/run/verbose 1")

UI->ApplyCommand("/event/verbose 1")

UI->ApplyCommand("/tracking/verbose 1")

UI->ApplyCommand("/vis/verbose 6")

UI->ApplyCommand("/vis/open OGLIX")




UI->ApplyCommand("/vis/viewer/set/viewpointThetaPhi 90 180 deg")

UI->ApplyCommand("/vis/viewer/zoom 1.4")

I think my error lies in those commands, but the error messages I'm getting don't seem to match up with my code.

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