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Question Physics List for n+diamond reactions 

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Date: 04 Aug, 2016
From: Francesca <Francesca>

Dear all,

     I have been running a simulations with neutrons of kinetic energy around 18 MeV hitting a diamond to compare experimental results and simulations, so that a better background extimation could be achieved. Having no idea of which physics list to use, I tried different ones, thought I am not really sure about the differences among them.

   I obtain the best results using the file that I renamed
I created that copying and pasting from online and,as far as I understood, it uses the G4EmLivermorePhysics.hh for the elm part, G4HadronInelasticQBBC() for inelastic hadronic and G4HadronElasticPhysics() for elastic hadronic.
The resulting energy spectrum with the (n,alpa), (n,p0),.. peaks is PhysicsList1.pdf.

I tried then using the high precision neutron physics, with the G4NDL (I.e. ENDF-BVII) cross sections. The results is that several peaks disappear, while they should not. The PhysicsList for this case is and the results PhysicsList2.pdf The, as far as I understood, still uses Livermore for elm and uses G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BIC_HP for hadronic physics. Is it using this last both for elastic and inelastic hadronic reactions, pls?

The plot obtained from the PhysicsList1 is the most similar to the experimental results, but does not really matche them. My geometry models already includes materials close to the diamond, so I doubt the problem are the scattered neutrons.

I have been playing arond changing few things in the physics list, but since I do not really understan how to build them, I am not aware of their differences and I do not even know if I am including both elestic and inelastic hadron interactions in all cases or not.

Could anyone tell me which is the best physics list to use for neutrons + diamond reactions between 14 and 25 MeV, pls?

Thanks, regards, Franciuska


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