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Question Photoabsorption in Neon, which phyisics list is recommended 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 21 Jan, 2015
From: Robert Schaefer <Robert Schaefer>

Dear Geant4 community,

I'm currently working on my PhD thesis, which includes photoabsorption of photons (energy range 20ev < E < 70eV) inside a low pressure ionization chamber.

Which physics list would you recommend?

Currently I'm trying to implement the PAI model, however I'm not very successful. The following code is an altered version of the "/examples/extended/electromagnetic/TestEm8/src/" file:

// ******************************************************************** #include "B7PhysicsList.hh"

PhysicsList::PhysicsList() : G4VModularPhysicsList(), fConfig(0) {

  fConfig = G4LossTableManager::Instance()->EmConfigurator();


  defaultCutValue = 1*mm;



PhysicsList::~PhysicsList() {}

void PhysicsList::ConstructParticle()
  // gamma

  // leptons

 // barions
  G4BaryonConstructor bConstructor;

  // ions
  G4IonConstructor iConstructor;

void PhysicsList::AddPAIModel(const G4String& modname)
  while ((*theParticleIterator)())
    G4ParticleDefinition* particle = theParticleIterator->value();
    G4String partname = particle->GetParticleName();
    if(partname == "e-") { NewPAIModel(particle, modname, "eIoni"); } 

void PhysicsList::NewPAIModel(const G4ParticleDefinition* part, 
                              const G4String& modname,
                              const G4String& procname)
  G4String partname = part->GetParticleName();

  if(modname == "pai") {
    G4PAIModel* pai = new G4PAIModel(part,"PAIModel");
	G4cout << "Adding model PAI with " << partname << G4endl;
	G4cout << "Configurating " << procname << G4endl;
  } else if(modname == "pai_photon") {
    G4PAIPhotModel* pai = new G4PAIPhotModel(part,"PAIPhotModel");
	G4cout << "Adding model PAI_PHOTON with " << partname << G4endl;
	G4cout << "Configurating " << procname << G4endl;

void PhysicsList::SetCuts()
  if (verboseLevel>0) DumpCutValuesTable();
// ********************************************************************

The PAI model is the only one I want to use, however when I run my code and start shooting photons on my target, I have no interaction and they go straight through. Can anyone help me out here? The reason I use the PAI model is because I'm very much interested in the interactions of the electrons (are the photoelectrons capable of ionizing again and so on and even count secondary ionization processes).

Best regards, Robert

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