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Question Physics list for alpha particles 

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Date: 21 Oct, 2014
From: Jenny Nilsson <Jenny Nilsson>

I use software called GATE, which uses the GEANT4 physics for simulations.

I've been running a simulation with an alpha surface source. The simulation runs smoothly, no errors or warnings and the results seem reasonable. Still, I have a limited experience in simulating alpha particles and want to make sure that I use the correct physics list. I would greatly appreciate if someone with experience of simulating alpha particles could look at the physics list below and see if something is missing.

The list is taken from GATE and, in short, is a set of macros that specifies which G4 physics that will be included in a simulation. Since the list is quite straightforward I suspect that the physics processes parameters are pretty easily understod by the GEANT4 community.

Jenny Nilsson

/gate/physics/addProcess PhotoElectric
/gate/physics/processes/PhotoElectric/setModel StandardModel

/gate/physics/addProcess Compton
/gate/physics/processes/Compton/setModel StandardModel

/gate/physics/addProcess RayleighScattering
/gate/physics/processes/RayleighScattering/setModel PenelopeModel

/gate/physics/addProcess ElectronIonisation
/gate/physics/processes/ElectronIonisation/setModel StandardModel e-
/gate/physics/processes/ElectronIonisation/setModel StandardModel e+

/gate/physics/addProcess Bremsstrahlung
/gate/physics/processes/Bremsstrahlung/setModel StandardModel e-
/gate/physics/processes/Bremsstrahlung/setModel StandardModel e+

/gate/physics/addProcess PositronAnnihilation

/gate/physics/addProcess eMultipleScattering
/gate/physics/processes/eMultipleScattering/setGeometricalStepLimiterType e- distanceToBoundary
/gate/physics/processes/eMultipleScattering/setGeometricalStepLimiterType e+ distanceToBoundary

/gate/physics/addProcess MultipleScattering alpha
/gate/physics/addProcess IonIonisation
/gate/physics/processes/IonIonisation/setStepFunction alpha 0.1 0.02 mm
/gate/physics/processes/MultipleScattering/setGeometricalStepLimiterType alpha distanceToBoundary
/gate/physics/addProcess IonInelastic
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/setModel G4BinaryLightIonReaction
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/setModel G4LEAlphaInelastic alpha
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/G4BinaryLightIonReaction/setEmin 80 MeV alpha
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/G4BinaryLightIonReaction/setEmax 20 GeV alpha
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/G4LEAlphaInelastic/setEmin 0 MeV alpha
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/G4LEAlphaInelastic/setEmax 80 MeV alpha
/gate/physics/processes/IonInelastic/setDataSet G4TripathiLightCrossSection alpha

/gate/physics/setEMin 0.1 keV
/gate/physics/setEMax 10 GeV

/gate/physics/setDEDXBinning 220
/gate/physics/setLambdaBinning 220

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