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Sad the calculation of absorbed dose through TestEm7 

Keywords: TestEm7 absorbed dose
Forum: Physics List
Date: 16 Aug, 2004
From: Shahrokh <Shahrokh>

I don't know how I remedy my problem. In order to calculate 
the energy deposited in water phantom, I wrote again TestEm7 code 
because I wanted to understand better, even though I could'nt execute 
and run the code through Geant4.5.0.
I faced with the problems, so:
I think that the calculation of the absorbed dose in each tally depends 
on, severly. 
Step1: SteppingAction::UserSteppingAction(const G4Step* aStep) take 
the total energy deposited in each tally and then give it to 
edep variable. 
Step2: If the logical value of the step was equal to the logical tally,
the edep would give to the tallyEdep[].
if (pVolume->GetLogicalVolume() == detector->GetLogicalTally()) {
     G4double* tallyEdep = runAction->GetTallyEdep();
     tallyEdep[pVolume->GetCopyNo()] += edep;
In my code, the value of if condition
( if (pVolume->GetLogicalVolume() == detector->GetLogicalTally()) )
is ever fulse, although with command /tracking/verbose 1 in run.mac file
,I see that the edep take correctly value and the  absorbed dose in all
tallies equal zero.
Now, If I write if condition 
(pVolume->GetLogicalVolume() != detector->GetLogicalTally() ),
the value of if condition is True and the energy deposited in all steps
will sum with each other and I will  take absorbed dose in 
the first tally, only.
What I can do to correct this?

I hope you help me.



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