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Question No intercation of Neutron 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 23 Apr, 2013
From: Saman Kiamehr <Saman Kiamehr>

Hello Geant Users,

I am not that familiar with Geant and I started using it recently. I have a box of silicon and I want to count the number of secondary particles which are generated by a particle strike. When the beam is alpha particle, there is no problem and there are some interactions between material and particle. However, when I change the beam to Neutron, there is no interaction at all. My physic list file is in the following:

// $Id: 
 * @file
 * @brief Implements mandatory user class PhysicsList.
#include "globals.hh"
#include "PhysicsList.hh"
#include "G4HadronElasticPhysics.hh"
#include "G4EmStandardPhysics.hh"
#include "G4LossTableManager.hh"
#include "G4ProcessManager.hh"
#include "G4ParticleTypes.hh"

PhysicsList::PhysicsList():  G4VUserPhysicsList()
  //defaultCutValue = 10*um;
  hadPhysicsList = new G4HadronElasticPhysics();
  emPhysicsList = new G4EmStandardPhysics();

PhysicsList::~PhysicsList() {}

void PhysicsList::ConstructParticle()
  // In this method, static member functions should be called
  // for all particles which you want to use.
  // This ensures that objects of these particle types will be
  // created in the program. 

  // pseudo-particles

  // define gamma, e+, e- and some charged Hadrons

void PhysicsList::ConstructProcess()

void PhysicsList::SetCuts()
  //G4VUserPhysicsList::SetCutsWithDefault method sets 
  //the default cut value for all particle types 

  G4ProductionCutsTable::GetProductionCutsTable()->SetEnergyRange(1*eV, 1*GeV);

  if (verboseLevel>0) { DumpCutValuesTable(); }

I was wondering if anybody can help me with that.

Thanks, Saman

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