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Question Thermal Neutrons. Critical mass. Warnings G4NeutronHPReactionWhiteBoard 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 10 Apr, 2013
From: Alejandro Fernández <Alejandro Fernández>

Hello, I want to calculate the critical mass for different elements. My Physics list file is as follows

   G4HadronElasticProcess* theNeutronElasticProcess = new G4HadronElasticProcess();

   // Cross Section Data set

   G4NeutronHPElasticData* theHPElasticData = new G4NeutronHPElasticData();
   theNeutronElasticProcess->AddDataSet( theHPElasticData );
   G4NeutronHPThermalScatteringData* theHPThermalScatteringData = new G4NeutronHPThermalScatteringData();
   theNeutronElasticProcess->AddDataSet( theHPThermalScatteringData );  
   // Models
   G4NeutronHPElastic* theNeutronElasticModel = new G4NeutronHPElastic();
   theNeutronElasticModel->SetMinEnergy ( 4.0*eV );
   G4NeutronHPThermalScattering* theNeutronThermalElasticModel = new G4NeutronHPThermalScattering();
   theNeutronThermalElasticModel->SetMaxEnergy ( 4.0*eV );

   // Apply Processes to Process Manager of Neutron
   G4ProcessManager* pmanager = G4Neutron::Neutron()-> GetProcessManager();

   pmanager->AddDiscreteProcess( theNeutronElasticProcess );  

   //G4ProcessManager* pmanager = G4Neutron::Neutron()-> GetProcessManager();
   G4NeutronHPorLFission* fissionModel = new G4NeutronHPorLFission();
   G4HadronFissionProcess* fissionProcess = new G4HadronFissionProcess();


If I get a chain reaction the program shows me the following warnings

Warning: try to access G4NeutronHPReactionWhiteBoard before opening
Warning: G4NeutronHPReactionWhiteBoard is doubly tried opening

What does it mean? thanks

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