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Question Evaporation Model: 35S excited states from 35Cl(n,p) 

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Date: 01 Jun, 2012
From: Malachi Schram <Malachi Schram>

I'm simulating 35Cl(n,p) reaction using various versions of Geant4.

 n+35Cl -> 35S+p

I'm scoring the energy deposited by the proton and associated ionizing particles.
At higher energy (>1.6MeV), there are various excited 35S states that should appear reducing the kinematic energy of the outgoing proton.

Short list of excited states:

... higher excited states [keV]...
0 (ground)
In geant4.9.4.x (x=1 or 4), these excited states do not appear.
In geant4.9.5.x they do appear, however, the excited states do not properly align with the above expect values.
Additionally, results using MCNPX do align with expected excited states.

In the PhotonEvaporation2.2 data (file z16.a35) these excited states are correct!
I'm currently using Livermore or Penelope model for EM physics and QGSP_XY_HP (XY=BIC or BERT) for hadronic physics.

1) How can I verify that the proper data is being used?
2) Are there any alternate physics list what is better suited for this study?

Thank you in advance for your help,


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