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None SetVerboseLevel(0) not included? 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 26 Jan, 2012
From: Tobias Kunz <Tobias Kunz>


at the moment I try to improve my physics list. For some interface reasons, I'd like to set the verbose level to zero, so that there's no more output from the single processes I registered. As I'm finished, my code looks like

G4PhysicsListHelper* physicListHelper = 4PhysicsListHelper::GetPhysicsListHelper();

G4hMultipleScattering* hMultipleScattering = new G4hMultipleScattering("multiple scattering");

G4hIonisation* hIonisation = new G4hIonisation("ionisation");

G4hBremsstrahlung* hBremsstrahlung = new G4hBremsstrahlung("bremsstrahlung");

G4hPairProduction* hPairProduction = new G4hPairProduction("pair production");

hMultipleScattering->SetVerboseLevel(0); hIonisation->SetVerboseLevel(0); hBremsstrahlung->SetVerboseLevel(0); hPairProduction->SetVerboseLevel(0);


while( (*theParticleIterator)() ){
		G4ParticleDefinition* particle = theParticleIterator->value();
		G4ProcessManager* processManager =  particle->GetProcessManager();
		if (particle->GetParticleName() == G4Proton::ProtonDefinition()->GetParticleName()           ||
			particle->GetParticleName() == G4AntiProton::AntiProtonDefinition()->GetParticleName()   ||
			particle->GetParticleName() == G4Neutron::NeutronDefinition()->GetParticleName()         ||
			particle->GetParticleName() == G4AntiNeutron::AntiNeutronDefinition()->GetParticleName() ) {
    hIonisation->SetStepFunction(0.1, 20 *CLHEP::um);
    physicListHelper->RegisterProcess(hMultipleScattering, particle);
    physicListHelper->RegisterProcess(hIonisation, particle);
    physicListHelper->RegisterProcess(hBremsstrahlung, particle);
    physicListHelper->RegisterProcess(hPairProduction, particle);


Compiling and executing works fine, the only problem is, I get the following output (which should dissapear):

ionisation:   for  anti_proton    SubType= 2
      dE/dx and range tables from 100 eV  to 10 TeV in 77 bins
      Lambda tables from threshold to 10 TeV in 77 bins, spline: 1
      finalRange(mm)= 0.02, dRoverRange= 0.1, integral: 1, fluct: 1, linLossLimit= 0.01
      ===== EM models for the G4Region  DefaultRegionForTheWorld ======
            ICRU73QO :  Emin=        0 eV    Emax=        2 MeV
          BetheBloch :  Emin=        2 MeV   Emax=       10 TeV

When I comment out the ionisation part, the bremsstrahlung part appears. Is this a bug or do I have a problem using the verbose level?


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