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Question error with QGSP_BERT? 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 16 Aug, 2011
From: <nareksahakyan>

Dear geant4 HyperNews member,

I am studying the proton interaction in the hydrogen medium with the geant4 version Geant4 9.4 released 24 June 2011 (patch-02) and I am using the physics list QGSP_BERT. For the energies 1 TeV and 100 TeV is working fine but for the energy 1000 TeV I get following error

<< G4EnergyRangeManager:GetHadronicInteraction: counter=3, Ek=1e+09, Material = Hydrogen, Element = Hydrogen

*0* low=12000, high=1e+08
*1* low=9500, high=25000
*2* low=0, high=9900
In src/, line 127: ===> GetHadronicInteraction: No Model found Target element Hydrogen Z= 1 A= 1 Unrecoverable error in the method ChooseHadronicInteraction of ProtonInelastic TrackID= 1 ParentID= 0 proton Ekin(GeV)= 1e+06; direction= (1,1.27901e-09,-3.69195e-10) Position(mm)= (-1.67232e+11,-4940.96,-1176.68); material Hydrogen PhysicalVolume <World>

*** G4Exception : 007
      issued by : G4HadronicProcess
ChooseHadronicInteraction failed.
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution *** Aborted >>

This mean that for the higher energies than 100 TeV QGSP_BERT phisics list is not working, am i right ? (I checked for any value higher than 100 TeV I get this error ) Is there physics list for the energies above 100 TeV (up to 1000 TeV)?

Thanks in advance, Narek Sahakyan

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