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Re: None G4AtomicTransitionManager (Vanessa La Rosa)
Date: 18 Feb, 2011
From: Laurent Desorgher <Laurent Desorgher>

Dear Vanessa,

This problem comes most probably from the G4radioactive decay. It has been reported recently in the bugzilla G4 sytem under bug nb 1162. In fact it is not really a bug but a warning. For an e- capture decay, the radioactive decay module selects in some case a e- shell that is higher than the highest shell available in G4AtomicTransitionManager. When it is the case G4AtomicTransitionManager issue a message warning an then use the highest available shell. This warning has been suppressed in the development version of G4 and this will be most probably available with the next patch. But with or without the warning the physics treatment will be the same. We are looking for a way to better sample the e- shell in G4RadioactiveDecay but this need in general more time to implement.

Best regards


On Wed, 16 Feb 2011 17:33:06 GMT, Vanessa La Rosa wrote:

> Hello everyone, I'm new of this forum so I would like to thank in
> advance all those that could help me. The Physics List of my simulation
> implements basic EM processes, hadronic processes, radioactive decay and
> Particle Induced Xray emission. The geometry is a water phantom with a
> metallic cylinder inside. When I ran the simulation few weeks ago it
> worked. Now if I change the water with vaccum it doesn't give me any
> problem. If I put water instead it gives me this message:
> G4AtomicTransitionManager::Shell - Z = 8, shellIndex = 5 not found;
> number of shells = 4
> Has this happened to some of you before? Thank you in advance for any
> suggestion!
> Vanessa

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