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Idea Re: Rare muon Decay 

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Re: Question Rare muon Decay (Rohin)
Date: 28 Jun, 2010
From: Rohin <Rohin>

I had tried something to implement mu -> eee.

I used G4PhaseSpaceDecayChannel in the ConstructProcess in my physics list. The relevant code is given below......

  G4ParticleDefinition* muplus = G4MuonMinus::MuonMinusDefinition();
  G4DecayTable* muplusTable = muplus->GetDecayTable();

  G4VDecayChannel*mode1 = new G4PhaseSpaceDecayChannel("mu+",0.05,3,"e+","e-","e+");

  //For mu-
  G4ParticleDefinition* muminus = G4MuonMinus::MuonMinusDefinition();
  G4DecayTable* muminusTable  = muminus->GetDecayTable();

  G4VDecayChannel* mode2 = new G4PhaseSpaceDecayChannel("mu-",0.5,3,"e+","e-","e-");

Then using the vis commands I set the branching ratio of the normal muon decay to zero and that of mu -> eee to 1.

/particle/select mu-

/particle/property/decay/select 0

/particle/property/decay/br 0


/particle/property/decay/br 1


This gives and out put

G4DecayTable: mu- 0: BR: 1 [Muon Decay] : e- anti_nu_e nu_mu 1: BR: 1 [Phase Space] : e+ e- e-

Everything seems to be in place.. but still i dont get the phase space decay in my simulation.. instead Geant gives the normal muon decay whose branching ratio I have set to 0..

I am stuck.. Please help..

On Mon, 28 Jun 2010 12:52:15 GMT, Rohin wrote:

> Hi..
> Besides the Standard Model permitted decays in which mu+ -> e+ nu_e anti
> nu_mu, a muons are believed to decay through a lepton flavor violating
> mode
> mu+ -> e+ e- e+
> I am working on a detector simulation for detecting such processes.
> However Geant4 doesnt seem to have these rare processes implemented.. I
> would like to know how can one implement these processes..
> thank you

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