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Re: None Reference physics lists + StepLimiter (Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk)
Re: Note Re: Reference physics lists + StepLimiter (Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk)
Re: Idea Re: Reference physics lists + StepLimiter (Vladimir Ivanchenko)
Date: 28 Jan, 2010
From: Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk <Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk>

Thank you for your quick and useful reply, I now got it to work. Was the primary error that I used AddProcess(...) instead of AddDiscreteProcess (...) ?

For later reference, the code used is:


#ifndef StepLimiterBuilder_hh
#define StepLimiterBuilder_hh 1

 * Physics list builder that adds
 * a G4StepLimiter to the Physics List
 * for charged particles.
 * This is needed to use UserLimits! 
 * Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk (k.n.sjobak ÆTT
 * 27/1-2010

#include "G4VPhysicsConstructor.hh"

class StepLimiterBuilder : public G4VPhysicsConstructor {
  StepLimiterBuilder(G4int ver=0, const G4String& name = "StepLimitBuilder");
  virtual ~StepLimiterBuilder();

  virtual void ConstructParticle();
  virtual void ConstructProcess();
  G4int verbose;


#include "StepLimiterBuilder.hh"
#include "G4StepLimiter.hh"
//#include "G4UserSpecialCuts.hh" #include "G4ProcessManager.hh"

StepLimiterBuilder::StepLimiterBuilder(G4int ver, const G4String& name) :
  G4VPhysicsConstructor(name), verbose(ver) {

StepLimiterBuilder::~StepLimiterBuilder(){ }

void StepLimiterBuilder::ConstructParticle(){ }

void StepLimiterBuilder::ConstructProcess(){

  while ( (*theParticleIterator)() ) {
    G4ParticleDefinition* particle = theParticleIterator->value();
    G4ProcessManager* pmanager     = particle->GetProcessManager();
    G4String particleName = particle->GetParticleName();

    // Add user limit processes for steps and special cuts
    // for all charged "stable" particles
    if (particle->GetPDGCharge() != 0.0 && ! particle->IsShortLived() ) {
      if (verbose > 1) {
	G4cout << "### " << GetPhysicsName() << " instantiates for " 
	       << particleName << G4endl;

      pmanager->AddDiscreteProcess( new G4StepLimiter() );  

    //pmanager->AddDiscreteProcess( new G4UserSpecialCuts() );

Is there any reason such a builder is not already included in the Geant distribution (or is it?)?

I found G4PhysListFactory about five minutes after implementing my own - but then I would have to reprogram some other parts of the program - it works for now. It would be great if these physics lists where advertised more in Application Developers users guide.

About digitalization:

Do you then (in the digitalization code) uniformly (?) distribute a finite number of charge clusters between each set of pre- and postStepPoint(s) inside the silicon volume - and the calculate how each of these clusters deposits their energy on readout pads, and then thresholds and other electronics stuff? Do you assume that each charge-cloud is deposited separately, without interference from each other?

Where do I find this helper class?

What I have been trying to do is to approximate a continuous deposition by using many small steps. But what you describe her seems like a really nice way to do it - the more I think about it, the nicer it seems :)

How do you decide how many clouds to deposit?

Maybe we should discuss this off-line...

--- Kyrre Ness Sjøbæk

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