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Question G4Cerenkov run-time warning 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 14 Jul, 2009
From: <melb>


I am in the process of developing a simulation of a liquid-scintillator detector, and am including the Cerenkov process in my PhysicsList. My code compiles with no errors, but when I run my program I get the following message:

    G4Cerenkov::G4Cerenkov constructor
    NOTE: this is now a G4VDiscreteProcess!
    Required change in UserPhysicsList: 
    change: pmanager->AddContinuousProcess(theCerenkovProcess);
    to:     pmanager->AddProcess(theCerenkovProcess);

The problem is, I am already using the format that this warning tells me to! An excerpt from my code is below.

 void Sci00PhysicsList::ConstructEM()
   while( (*theParticleIterator)() ){
     G4ParticleDefinition* particle = theParticleIterator->value();
     G4ProcessManager* pmanager = particle->GetProcessManager();
     G4String particleName = particle->GetParticleName(); 

     if (particleName == "opticalphoton") {

< more stuff here ...>

     } else if (particleName == "mu+" || 
  	        particleName == "mu-") {
       G4MultipleScattering* MultipleScattering = new G4MultipleScattering;
       pmanager->AddProcess(MultipleScattering,     -1, 1, 1);
       pmanager->AddProcess(new G4MuIonisation,     -1, 2, 2);
       pmanager->AddProcess(new G4MuBremsstrahlung, -1, 3, 3);
       pmanager->AddProcess(new G4MuPairProduction, -1, 4, 4);
       G4Cerenkov* theCerenkovProcess = new G4Cerenkov();
       pmanager->SetProcessOrdering(theCerenkovProcess, idxPostStep); 
       G4Scintillation* Scintillation = new G4Scintillation();
       pmanager->AddProcess( Scintillation ); 
       pmanager->SetProcessOrderingToLast( Scintillation , idxAtRest);
       pmanager->SetProcessOrderingToLast( Scintillation , idxPostStep);

< ... >

Is this message anything to be concerned about? Or do I need to define the Cerenkov process another way?

Thank you, Melanie

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