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Question AlongStep DoIt ordering for G4eplusAnnihilation process 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 17 Dec, 2008
From: Maria Gatu Johnson <Maria Gatu Johnson>

When try to run a G4 application I get this error message:

------------------------ Construct General Over G4ProcessManager::CheckOrderingParameters You cannot set ordering parameter [4] for AlongStep DoIt to the process annihil

*** G4Exception : Invalid Ordering
      issued by : G4ProcessManager::CheckOrderingParameters 
Invalid ordering parameters are set for  annihil
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution *** Aborted ------------------------

I see from the manual. section 5.2, example 5.1, that it is ok to set ordering [4] for the PostStep process for the process annihil (G4eplusAnnihilation()). I am trying to get an old GEANT4.5.1 application to run in GEANT4.9.1. The application was not written by me and I want the Physics to work the same, without having to understand the whole underlying thinking myself. In the old version, AlongStep DoIt was set to [4] for the annihil process in this way:

else if(particleName == "e+")
	    //Construct processes for electron
	    eplusMultipleScattering = new G4MultipleScattering();
	    eplusIonisation = new G4eIonisation();
	    eplusBremsstrahlung = new G4eBremsstrahlung();
	    theAnnihilation = new G4eplusAnnihilation();
	    //Add processes for electron
	    pmanager -> AddProcess(eplusMultipleScattering);
	    pmanager -> AddProcess(eplusIonisation);
	    pmanager -> AddProcess(eplusBremsstrahlung);
	    pmanager -> AddProcess(theAnnihilation);
	    //Set ordering for AlongStepDoIt
	    pmanager -> SetProcessOrdering(eplusMultipleScattering, idxAlongStep, 1);
	    pmanager -> SetProcessOrdering(eplusIonisation, idxAlongStep, 2);
	    pmanager -> SetProcessOrdering(eplusBremsstrahlung, idxAlongStep, 3);
	    pmanager -> SetProcessOrdering(theAnnihilation, idxAlongStep, 4);

 I am still running this code on an old computer and know that it works with the old GEANT4 version. How can I make it work, the same, now???

Thanks in advance!


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