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None possible bug? 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 21 Mar, 2008
From: Bari Osmanov <Bari Osmanov>

 Hello, I am simulating production of neutrinos from the interaction of 1 Gev protons with mercury target.
 I am using precompiled list "QGSP_BIC". One of the processes is the production of negative pions which decay to negative muons.
 This negative muons can undergo capture or decay processes. If it is a capture, the mu- should produce muon neutrino; when it decays - 
it produces muon neutrino and electron anti-neutrino. In my SteppingAction, I have written the code which, upon finding electron anti-neutrino, 
 allows to pick out the process that created it. Here is the piece of the code:

  G4Track* track = aStep->GetTrack();
  const G4VProcess *creator_process = track->GetCreatorProcess();
  G4String creator_process_name = creator_process->GetProcessName();  

 Then, I print this info out. And here is what I got for one found electron antineutrino:

anti_nu_e (trackID=438, status='Alive'): step proc='Transportation' in Volume='physical_UpBePlug' at position=(34.967185, 31.234776, -1.5152518) cm Name of creator process:muMinusCaptureAtRest

 I.e. it looks like electron antineutrinos are produced in mu- capture.

 I will appreciate if someone will write his/her ideas about this. Maybe I am doing something wrong in the SteppingAction...

 Thank you,


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