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None Turning on extra physics processes? 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 27 Oct, 2003
From: Jeff de Jong <>

Hi All,

I just figured I would throw out a message here to see if I an get some help with a problem I am currently having.

I am currently trying to get spallation to run in GEANT 4.5.2, I've downloaded the appropriate file from the web page :

I've been able to compile a version of geant4.5.2 that I put in the 
directory :
I am also able to run the example jobs alright. This is all done without 
the QGSP.tar/Packaging.tar libraries. So I download these files and I 
unzip them into the directory :
I was able to gmake each physics list that I wanted along with the 
packaging library. What confused me was the following step(listed in the Packaging.tar README file).

   - copy the example GNUmakefile, that comes with the Packaging
     library tar-file, to our application area and uncomment the
     physics lists you decided to employ. Depending on the physics
     list, you may have to add additional libraries to EXTRALIBS'.  

What exactly is "our application area", is this the main geant directory, or is it the source directory. Problem is each of these directories already have a GNUmakefile and I would simply be overwrite it. OR do you mean that I have to copy the contents of the example GNUmakefile into a makefile that we have in our my own analysis directory(or similarly into an example directory?). Just for an example I've copied the following lines into the /novice/N03/GNUmakefile

(I downloaded the QGSP.tar file so I would think these would be all I need to uncomment)


CPPFLAGS += -I$(LISTS_BASE)/lists/QGSP/include (I have defined listbase in my environmental variable files)

But when I try to run gmake now it gives me a large number of errors along the line of :

thuner-gw% gmake Using granular libraries ... Linking exampleN03 ... /shift/shd03/jdejong/geant/geant4.5.2.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4HadronFissionProcess::~G4HadronFissionProcess(void)' /shift/shd03/jdejong/geant/geant4.5.2.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4HENeutronInelastic virtual table' /shift/shd03/jdejong/geant/geant4.5.2.p02/lib/Linux-g++/ undefined reference to `G4HEPionPlusInelastic virtual table'

Is there perhaps an order inwhich I should compile things? Ie extra physics library, then the packaging tar file and then compile the geant and finally my analysis program.

Any ideas where I may have messed up? Any help is greatly appreciated


Jeff de Jong(

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