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None alpha induced x-ray fluorescence in Plutonium  

Keywords: alpha, x-ray, fluorescence, plutonium
Forum: Physics List
Date: 17 May, 2006
From: Andrew <Andrew>

I am trying to simulated x-ray fluorescence from alpha particles in plutonium. I have 5 MeV alphas incident on a target material. In my physics list, for EM setup, I'm doing this for alphas:

if (particleName == "alpha" ){
	pmanager->AddProcess(new G4MultipleScattering,-1,1,1);
	G4hLowEnergyIonisation* iIon = new G4hLowEnergyIonisation() ;

I observe that when the target material is Plutonium, the program will crash with this error:

 *** Break *** segmentation violation
 Generating stack trace...
 0x08358548 in G4hShellCrossSectionDoubleExp::GetCrossSectionDoubleExp(int, double) const + 0x2c from ../bin/Linux-g++/gbmsim
 0x0835888d in G4hShellCrossSectionDoubleExp::Probabilities(int, double, double, double) const + 0x31 from ../bin/Linux-g++/gbmsim
 0x083712ff in G4VhShellCrossSection::SelectRandomShell(int, double, double, double) const + 0x2b from ../bin/Linux-g++/gbmsim
 0x0834c664 in G4hLowEnergyIonisation::PostStepDoIt(G4Track const&, G4Step const&) + 0x4ec from ../bin/Linux-g++/gbmsim
 0x08302373 in G4SteppingManager::InvokePSDIP(unsigned int) + 0x33 from ../bin/Linux-g++/gbmsim
 0x083027c2 in G4SteppingManager::InvokePostStepDoItProcs() + 0xb2 from ../bin/Linux-g++/gbmsim

If I turn off fluorescence with iIon->SetFluorescence(false), then the crash goes away, but of course I want fluorescence so that's not an option. I also notice that if I change the target material to Uranium, the code does not crash with fluorescence turned on. Thus I conclude there is some problem with alpha induced x-ray fluorescence for Plutonium, but not for other materials? Any help will be appreciated.


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