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None How can I construct ALL particles in the physics list in a low E MC? 

Forum: Physics List
Date: 08 May, 2006
From: Jianglai Liu <Jianglai Liu>

Dear GEANTers,

I found a nuisance, but am not sure it is the problem with a physics 
process, or some kind of size-of-array problem. The problem can be 
reproduced using the example in advanced/underground_physics. 
The original example compiled and ran fine. However, if I tried 
to construct ALL particles by "brute force" like below, the code 
gave an segv at the very end, i.e.:
SHELL>$G4WORKDIR/bin/Linux-g++/DMX alpha_low.mac
---> Begin of event: 0

     Primary Energy: 10 keV
     LXe collection: 0 hits
     PMT collection: 0 hits
     Total energy in LXe: 0 eV

---> End of event: 0

Run terminated.
Run Summary
  Number of events processed : 1
  User=0.01s Real=0s Sys=0s
Graphics systems deleted.
Visualization Manager deleting...
G4 kernel has come to Quit state.
Segmentation fault

BTW gdb output was not informative at all. I sense it is related 
with the process hLowEIoni, but am not quite sure. I am using 
GEANT4.7.1.p01 and gcc 3.3.3 with redhat fedora2 kernel 
2.6.10-1.771_FC2smp, and I reproduced the problem on linux EL3 
2.4.21-27.ELsmp with gcc 3.2.3 (same GEANT4) as well. So my 
question is, have I done anything wrong by requesting all 
particles? Thanks in advance for any help you could 

Best regards,
Jianglai Liu

void DMXPhysicsList::ConstructMyLeptons()
  // leptons
  G4LeptonConstructor pConstructor;

void DMXPhysicsList::ConstructMyMesons()
  // mesons
  G4MesonConstructor pConstructor;

void DMXPhysicsList::ConstructMyBaryons()
  // barions
  G4BaryonConstructor pConstructor;

void DMXPhysicsList::ConstructMyIons()
  // Construct ions
  G4IonConstructor pConstructor;

void DMXPhysicsList::ConstructMyShortLiveds()
  // ShortLiveds
  // Construct  resonaces and quarks
  G4ShortLivedConstructor pConstructor;

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