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Feedback Problem linking with GDML on MacOSX, when using Configure -ldlibs 

Forum: Persistency
Date: 13 Jan, 2011
From: Michael H. Kelsey <Michael H. Kelsey>

I am trying to link a user application against a separate GEANT4 (9.4) installation which includes GDML support.

The user application is built in its own GNU Make environment, NOT using G4WORKDIR and "binmake.gmk." However, the proper set of GEANT4 libraries is acquired by using the command |$G4INSTALL/Configure -ldlibs|. This had been working perfectly well until (today) the G4 installation was rebuilt to include GDML support. Now, I am getting a problem at runtime where at least one XercesC symbol is not found in the dynamic libraries, and the application fails to launch.

I have confirmed that XERCESCROOT is set, G4LIB_BUILD_GDML is set, and that my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH contains $XERCESCROOT/lib. The problem seems to lie in the way $G4INSTALL/Configure -ldlibs| generates its list.

When using $G4INSTALL/config/binmake.gmk, the GDML library reference is put into the LDLIBS3 variable (it was set as GDMLLIBS in architecture.gmk). The Configure script tries to capture LDLIBS3 from $G4LIB/$G4SYSTEM/GNUmakefile.db, by looking for "LDLIBS3 := ...". What I observe is that in my version of that file, the line actually reads "LDLIBS3 = ...", and also include unexpanded GMake variables:


I think there's an inconsistency here, but I'm not sufficiently versed in how that GNUmakefile.db file was generated, nor in how Configure is doing its work, to suggest a fix. What I do believe is that it is not specific to MacOSX.

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