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Feedback Re: Problems with GDML in Geant4.9.2 VolumeAuxilaryInformation issue 

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Re: Feedback Problems with GDML in Geant4.9.2 (John Watts)
Re: Question Re: Problems with GDML in Geant4.9.2 (Gabriele Cosmo)
Date: 17 Feb, 2009
From: John Watts <John Watts>

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 08:54:29 GMT, Gabriele Cosmo wrote:
> > I have been attempting to modify my code to use the GDML routines in
> > geant4.9.2. Previously I used the interface in GDML_2_10_0. I have found
> > a couple of problems. 1. The VolumeAuxiliaryinformation map if owned by
> > the G4GDMLReadStructure routine rather then the G4GDMLParser. Each time
> > you read a new module file it is reset.
> Sorry, it's not clear to me what you mean by this.
> Can you please show how you associate the auxiliary information in your program
> and how you load your modules ?
> >2. Matrix don't seem to work. I
> > tried the matirx example, matricesandloop.gdml in the load_gdml of
> > examples/extended/persistancy/gdml/G01. I got syntax errors.
> Can you please show what kind of errors you get ?
> G01 with loops works just fine for me and I don't see any syntax error.
> btw, if you believe there is a problem it would be faster and more effective for
> everybody if you open a problem report in the Bugzilla system and provide with
> all the information necessary for reproducing the problem. Thanks.

Each gdml file consist five pieces: define, material, solids, structure, and setup. G4GDMLParser uses a G4GDMLReadStucture object to read the structure section. The GDML schema allows a geometry to be broken into separate modules. A lower level module is read in the structure section by defining a physvol with a tag <file name="child.gdm;"/>. G4GDMLReadStructure memeber, ReadFile, recursively call G4GDMLStructure to process this tag. This created object has it's own auxMap. This auxMap data should be inserted in the high level auxMap before the object goes out of scope otherwise G4GDMParser will not have access to it.

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