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Feedback Re: Problems with GDML in Geant4.9.2 Matrix issue 

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Re: Feedback Problems with GDML in Geant4.9.2 (John Watts)
Re: Question Re: Problems with GDML in Geant4.9.2 (Gabriele Cosmo)
Date: 17 Feb, 2009
From: John Watts <John Watts>

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009 08:54:29 GMT, Gabriele Cosmo wrote:
> > I have been attempting to modify my code to use the GDML routines in
> > geant4.9.2. Previously I used the interface in GDML_2_10_0. I have found
> > a couple of problems. 1. The VolumeAuxiliaryinformation map if owned by
> > the G4GDMLReadStructure routine rather then the G4GDMLParser. Each time
> > you read a new module file it is reset.
> Sorry, it's not clear to me what you mean by this.
> Can you please show how you associate the auxiliary information in your program
> and how you load your modules ?
> >2. Matrix don't seem to work. I
> > tried the matirx example, matricesandloop.gdml in the load_gdml of
> > examples/extended/persistancy/gdml/G01. I got syntax errors.
> Can you please show what kind of errors you get ?
> G01 with loops works just fine for me and I don't see any syntax error.
> btw, if you believe there is a problem it would be faster and more effective for
> everybody if you open a problem report in the Bugzilla system and provide with
> all the information necessary for reproducing the problem. Thanks.

Here is my output from load_gdml

[wattsjw@watts G01]$ load_gdml matricesandloops.gdml

Usage: load_gdml <intput_gdml_file:mandatory> <output_gdml_file:optional>

G4GDML: Reading 'matricesandloops.gdml'...
G4GDML: Reading definitions...
G4GDML: Reading materials...
G4GDML: Reading solids...

*** ExceptionHandler is not defined ***

*** G4Exception : InvalidExpression
      issued by : G4GDMLEvaluator::SolveBrackets()
Bracket mismatch: j]+m[j

Severity : *** Fatal Exception ***

*** G4Exception: Aborting execution *** Aborted [wattsjw@watts G01]$

I am using CLHEP. and xerces-c-3.0.0 on an Operron running Scientific Linux 5.1.

Attached is matricesandloops.gdml taken from GDML_2.1.10.0/CPPGDML/Examples/g4g0gdml. It was modified to point the the geant4.9.2 gdml schema.

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