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Question G4GeneralParticleSource, uniform distribution throughout volume 

Keywords: G4GeneralParticleSource
Forum: Particles
Date: 05 Feb, 2004
From: John Roberts <>

Hi all,

I am interested in using the G4GeneralParticleSource to generate a
number of neutrons distributed uniformly throughout a volume.  I am
controlling the G4GeneralParticleSource object completely from within
my PrimaryGeneratorAction class, not via the /gps/ commands.

I have set the distribution type to Volume, set the shape to Para, and
configured HalfX, HalfY and HalfZ to completely enclose my world.
I then ConfineSourceToVolume to the particular volumes I want (the
volumes are G4PVParameterised, so I only need to confine the GPS to
the one volume name).

This appears to partially work.  For each event, the particles are
generated at a random point within the volumes I want, and the random
point is different every time, but all of the particles are generated
at the same point for each event.

How do I configure the GPS to actually distribute the particles
uniformly throughout my volume?  Do I need to set the GPS's number of
particles to 1, and then call GPS->GeneratePrimaryVertex as many times
as I want particles?


Cheers, John Roberts
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

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