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Question G4Scintillation - optical photon generation 

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Date: 07 Jun, 2012
From: Bruno Arsenali <Bruno Arsenali>


I have problem with number of generated optical photons from scintillation process (G4Scintillation). 

To demonstrate whats my problem lets start wit definition of scintillation crystal properties. I will make it as simple as I can, so that other scintillation parameters such as RESOLUTIONSCALE dont affect number of generated photons.

Here is definition of scintillation crystal properties:

// *** ScintillationCrystal properties
G4MaterialPropertiesTable* ScintillationCrystalProperties = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();
const G4int N = 1;
G4double Energies[N] = {1.0*eV}; 
G4double Fastcomp[N] = {1.0}; 
G4double Rindices[N] = {1.0};
ScintillationCrystalProperties-&gt;AddProperty("FASTCOMPONENT", Energies, Fastcomp, N);
ScintillationCrystalProperties-&gt;AddProperty("RINDEX",        Energies, Rindices, N); 
ScintillationCrystalProperties-&gt;AddConstProperty("RESOLUTIONSCALE", 0.0);
ScintillationCrystalProperties-&gt;AddConstProperty("FASTTIMECONSTANT", 100.0*ns);
ScintillationCrystalProperties-&gt;AddConstProperty("YIELDRATIO", 1.0);

Number of generated photons follow normal distribution. Standard deviation and expected photon number of normal distribution can be calculated with:


Base on given ScintillationCrystal properties we can calculate that for energy deposit of 122keV (Gamma ray) we should get 1220 optical photons (standard deviation should be 0).
But instead of this in my simulation for energy deposit of 122keV I'm getting 332 photons (standard deviation 0).

EnergyDeposit is calculated with:

Number of generated photons is calculated correct.

Please help.

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