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Question Re: calculate particles within a cone 

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Re: Question calculate particles within a cone (Summit)
Date: 21 May, 2014
From: Summit <Summit>


Sorry for posting in old thread!!!
I have a confusion related to this. 
Incident particles are moving in Z-direction. I have to score particles in cone whose half angle is 7.5 deg and having azimuth symmetry. In order to do this, 
      G4double Z = pd->GetPDGCharge()/eplus;
      G4double dirY = track->GetMomentumDirection().y(); 
      G4double dirZ = track->GetMomentumDirection().z(); 
      G4double theta = std::atan(dirY/dirZ);
      G4double Theta2 = track->GetMomentumDirection().theta();
      if(-7.5<= theta/deg && theta/deg <= 7.5)

I am not sure that am I doing right to calculate the (secondary) particles emitting from a desired cone?

I would also like to know what is the difference between theta and Theta2? And how track->GetMomentumDirection().phi() is different from this? From where can I get the complete documentation related to G4ThreeVector so that I can complete understand about all these.

Thanking you.

With kind regards, Summit.

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