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Re: Question Superheavy nuclei (Lise-Lotte Andersson)
Date: 26 Jan, 2011
From: Laurent Desorgher <Laurent Desorgher>

Hi Lisa,

> Hi Forum people, I have a question regarding your RadioactiveDecay and
> PhotoEvaporation files.
> The thing is I am working on superheavy nuclei. They start with proton
> number z=102, i.e. just above what is included in your
> RadioactiveDecay3.3 and PhotoEvaporation2.1 libraries.

By default in G4RadioactiveDecay only ion with Z up to 100 will be treated even if you add file for Z>100 isotope in the radioactive decay database. To change that limit you can use the macro command

or change that in the C++ physics lists level with 
but I would recommand to do that rather at the macro command level.

> To explore different hypotheses regarding the decay of these nuclei
> (which are notoriously hard to study) I would like to use a data file
> and simulate different ways to decay. Thus, ideally I would like to make
> up a file for nucleus z10X.aXXX. This file should then be editable to
> simulate for example different alpha energies or the order and intensity
> of the subsequent gamma rays.
> I tried to do so but ran into various problems.
> 1a) When I make up a file with a new name the program does not want to
> accept it.
I guess that it is because you did not put the Z and A limit higher as suggested above. Did you set your file in the correct database directory?

>Do I need to have produced the file already before compiling?
> It seems like there's no problem to take a already existing file (like
> z55.a131) and modify the decay in RadioactiveDecay3.3 (furthermore I
> have changed z54.a131 to simulate the nucleus decaying into an excited
> state in the daughter nucleus thus emitting gamma rays). 1b) Is there
> any way to only recompile the RadioactiveDecay3.3 and
> PhotoEvaporation2.1 libraries or do I need to wait though the whole 2h
> compilation process when I want to add a new file?

No no! Database files area loaded at run level. So it is not a a compilation issue.

> 2a) I've been trying to find out the format of the data files in order
> to understand what I am actually simulating. Are there any documentation
> of this? The PhotoEvaporation2.1 have 17 input columns for each gamma
> ray and the RadioactiveDecay3.3 have 4 columns and a number of rows for
> each nucleus. Some of the numbers in the files are easy to understand
> and some are not clear to me at all.

I have no time to discuss the format of the Radiactive decay file now. I will try to do that later next week but to have a first idea you may look at the method 
 G4RadioactiveDecay::LoadDecayTable  where these files are read.
 lines 624-974 from

> 3b) Are you aware of if there are any (unofficial) data files around
> which includes the decay of the superheavy elements? It is always easier
> not to start from scratch!

Not that I know!

> I would be very happy for some help and advice in this matter! Thanks,
> Lisa



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