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Idea Re: Problem in Ion definition 

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Re: Question Problem in Ion definition (Adrien MATTA)
Date: 20 Jan, 2009
From: Vladimir Ivanchenko <Vladimir Ivanchenko>


There is a contrudiction in your Physics List: you use FindIon method but after define some physics for a particular ion. Ions heavier than He4 are speific particles in Geant4, because they inherit from the base ion type G4GenericIon. In reference Physics Lists only GenericIon is instantiated. If at run time after hadronic interaction or by a primary generator any new type of ion is created it is given the same list of physics processes as the GenericIon has. Radioacvite decay can be activated for GenericIon (see geant4examples/extended/radioactivedecay/exrdm).

So, you have two choices: 
  - if Geant4 radioactive decay is OK for you, simply  remove this FindIon and decay definitions from your Phsyics List;
  - if you want to overwite decay properties, then likely you need create new particle with these properties and not use FindIon method and define all processes specificly for this new particle.


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