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Question Problem in Ion definition 

Forum: Particles
Date: 20 Jan, 2009
From: Adrien MATTA <Adrien MATTA>

Hello Everyone,

I'm facing new problem since I use my code on the new Geant4 release (and a different computer). When I'm calling the GetIon(Z,A,E) method a segmentation violation occured. The debugging message let think the problem occured when the above method called the G4LossTableBuilder::BuildDEDXTable NB:The GetIon method is called after Initialisation of G4 kernel. I don't have the warning message about creating Ion in preInit state.

Here part of my code: (physics list)

NB: the first 'TEST' print occured, then I have my segmentation violation

///////////// Construction of unstable Nuclei and Decay Channel ////////////////////

	G4ParticleTable* particleTable = G4ParticleTable::GetParticleTable();
	G4ParticleDefinition* particle;
	G4VDecayChannel* channel;
  	G4double flat[1];flat[0]=1;
CLHEP::RandGeneral* randflat = new CLHEP::RandGeneral(flat,1);

 G4DecayTable* table10He  = new G4DecayTable();
 G4cout << " TEST " << G4endl;
 particle = particleTable->GetIon(2,10,1.);
 G4cout << " TEST " << G4endl;
//Setting a 2 neutron Decay channel using the 3 product decay
channel = new  G4NuclearDecayChannel (	
IT, 			// mode
0,			// verbose
particle,		// parent nucleus
1.,			// BR 
0.,			// FFN 
false,randflat,	        // betaSimple,randBeta
-2.068*MeV,		// Q
8, 			// A
2,			// Z
0.,			// Daughter Excitation
"neutron",		// Daughter2
"neutron");		// Daughter3

table10He->Insert(channel); particle->SetDecayTable(table10He);


And here part of the error message:

#10 0x086698e3 in G4LossTableBuilder::BuildDEDXTable ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#11 0x0866e478 in G4LossTableManager::BuildTables ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#12 0x0866f23a in G4LossTableManager::BuildPhysicsTable ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#13 0x08680a12 in G4VEnergyLossProcess::BuildPhysicsTable ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#14 0x016f9245 in G4VUserPhysicsList::BuildPhysicsTable ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#15 0x016f9fef in G4VUserPhysicsList::AddProcessManager ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#16 0x016f08d9 in G4UserPhysicsListMessenger::SetNewValue ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#17 0x05dc28cb in G4UIcommand::DoIt ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#18 0x05dce828 in G4UImanager::ApplyCommand ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#19 0x02133541 in G4IonTable::AddProcessManager ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#20 0x02133ed5 in G4IonTable::CreateIon ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#21 0x0214c07d in G4ParticleTable::GetIon ()
   from /usr/local/geant4.9.2/lib/Linux-g++/
#22 0x08062b81 in PhysicsList::ConstructDecay ()
#23 0x080515f3 in main ()
The program is running.  Quit anyway (and detach it)? (y or n) [answered Y; input not from terminal]
Detaching from program: /proc/4975/exe, process 4975


I tried using static library only, and it did the same. I also search the forum for answer but didn't manage to find something...

Did I miss something? Thanks in advance.

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