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Re: Question Problem when running exgps example (Arnaud Claret)
Date: 10 Dec, 2008
From: Guy Barrand <Guy Barrand>


 Then to sumup what had been said and done offline.

 This problem came from a syntax problem in the tuple booking string.
Instead of having "string Pname, double Energy, etc..." the booking string
appeared to be "std::string Pname, std::double Energy" which is definitely
not an agreed syntax. (The upper looks like as if having done some
automatic replace of string to std::string in the code...)

 We took the occasion to have a review of the AIDA related code. And then we :
- have fixed the upper
- have a good singleton pattern by :
    * privating constructor, destructor
  . * have a dispose method.
- use the dispose at end in the main.
- close the AIDA implementation properly (then osc_batch for me) in the EndOfRun.
- issuing message and protecting in case AIDA_createAnalysisFactory return 0 which
   may happen for good reasons.
- the same if the creation of the AIDA::ITree fails. Which may happen
   for exa if the requested file type is not supported by the implementation.
- do not have the histo and tuple factory as members since they are used
   locally. Check that they are deleted after usage.
- delete the plotter factory. (To have a good object balance at end).
- protect the usage of various pointers.
- supresse unused or not really needed methods.
- update the README concerning AIDA.

 In principle things hold now especially in case of multiple successive runs.
This is a very good test to check that things are done correctly concerning AIDA.
A lot of examples forget to delete or the tree or some factory or are not
in sync concerning creation / deletion of pointers in Begin/EndOfRun
and then crashes in case of doing multiple runs.

 The plotting had been checked with my osc_vis kit and is ok with my 
just released 16.8. A little advertisement here to say that there is new things
related to visualization and G4 in the 16.8. See my pages at :
The pages had been strongly revisited to be "tutorial" and "how to" oriented now.
The AIDA, AIDA & Geant4 had been revisited in this way too.

 We have started to review also the exrdm, hadrontherapy, gammaray_telescope....
and it is interesting to note that the same "falltrap patterns" appear in
a lot of examples (not necessary written by the same people !). 
Then it may be a good idea also to have the upper "AIDA check list"
in head if having problems with other examples. At least I am going
to have a section with the upper in my new pages.




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