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Question Opnovice Example (Mie Scattering) 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: Feb 02, 22:06
From: Mayur Paunipagar <Mayur Paunipagar>

in the detector construction of OpNovice example, for implementing the Mie scattering concept you used this as shown below

G4double energy_water[numentries_water] = {
     1.56962*eV, 1.58974*eV, 1.61039*eV, 1.63157*eV,
     1.65333*eV, 1.67567*eV, 1.69863*eV, 1.72222*eV,
     1.74647*eV, 1.77142*eV, 1.7971 *eV, 1.82352*eV,
     1.85074*eV, 1.87878*eV, 1.90769*eV, 1.93749*eV,
     1.96825*eV, 1.99999*eV, 2.03278*eV, 2.06666*eV,
     2.10169*eV, 2.13793*eV, 2.17543*eV, 2.21428*eV,
     2.25454*eV, 2.29629*eV, 2.33962*eV, 2.38461*eV,
     2.43137*eV, 2.47999*eV, 2.53061*eV, 2.58333*eV,
     2.63829*eV, 2.69565*eV, 2.75555*eV, 2.81817*eV,
     2.88371*eV, 2.95237*eV, 3.02438*eV, 3.09999*eV,
     3.17948*eV, 3.26315*eV, 3.35134*eV, 3.44444*eV,
     3.54285*eV, 3.64705*eV, 3.75757*eV, 3.87499*eV,
     3.99999*eV, 4.13332*eV, 4.27585*eV, 4.42856*eV,
     4.59258*eV, 4.76922*eV, 4.95999*eV, 5.16665*eV,
     5.39129*eV, 5.63635*eV, 5.90475*eV, 6.19998*eV

I want to ask why did you make the diffrence of two adjacent energies increasing logarithmically, why don' t you increase it with some constant like 0.05*eV?

If in case, you don't understand the question please kindly ask, I will elaborate more about it.

thank you

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