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Question Detector's geometry for optical photon 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: Jan 30, 12:24
From: Kanishka <Kanishka>

Dear All,

    I am defining a Detector's geometry for ARAPUCA, which is a light trapping device. It has a big ARAPUCA and inside it there is a small ARAPUCA. If we go inside the x-y plane there is a wavelength shifter and then a dichoric filter and then at the center there is a dielectric bar and on top and bottom of it we have 4 SiPMs (total 8 SiPMs). I do the subtraction of small ARAPUCA from big ARAPUCA and SiPMs from ARAPUCA like this:

G4SubtractionSolid* arapuca_ini = new G4SubtractionSolid("arapuca_ini", big_arapuca, small_arapuca, 0, Pos_small_arapuca);
G4SubtractionSolid* arapuca_SiPM1 = new G4SubtractionSolid("arapuca_SiPM1", arapuca_ini, sipm_S1, 0, Pos_SiPM1);
G4LogicalVolume* arapuca_LV1 = new G4LogicalVolume (arapuca_SiPM1, teflon, "arapuca_SiPM1");

 G4VPhysicalVolume* arapuca_PV1 = 
	new G4PVPlacement (0, G4ThreeVector (0,0,0), arapuca_LV1, "arapuca_SiPM1", world_LV, true, 0, fCheckOverlaps);

And similarly for the other 7 SiPMs. So, when I tried to generate the optical photon, it doesn't go inside but is reflected back of the ARAPUCA. Is there something wrong with the subtraction ?


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