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Question Information about optical parameters 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 26 Jan, 2018
From: Aiwu Zhang <Aiwu Zhang>

Hi all,

For my learning process, I want to summarize the acceptable parameters that can be added to G4MaterialPropertiesTable.

(My motivation is to model a liquid scintillator with both scintillation and reemission.)

Reading through the G4BookForAppDev, I found these parameters:

-> Constant properties: LightYield, ScintillationYield, ResolutionScale, YieldRatio, FASTCOMPONENT, SLOWCOMPONENT, FASTTIMECONSTANT, SLOWTIMECONSTANT, ScintillationYieldFactor, WLSTIMECONSTANT, ...


-> I also found some other parameters: quenching, quantumyield, SCINTWAVEFORM, SCINTMOD, etc...

I am sure the list I give is not complete, but I want to have a complete list to better understand the optical processes.

The related question is then: when setting the property table, are we allowed to give arbitrary names? For example, if I give a strange name other than those are defined, mpt->AddProperty("myLikeingName",key,value), I believe this will create error. Is it true?

The second question is then, are we allowed to add user-defined property? For example, I'm using the Rat-Pac (based on G4), in which I found properties "SCINTILLATION", "SCINTILLATION_WLS", "REEMISSION", I could assign them vectors but I don't really understand them well. I found the place where these parameters are loaded into the material table, but I could not find how these parameters are used. I guess there must be something is done in some PostStepDoIt function...

For a liquid scintillator (with scitillation and WLS components), I understand "REEMISSION" literally but why both "SCINTILLATION" and "SCINTILLATION_WLS"?

Any insights from the experts are grateful!

Best, Aiwu

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