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Re: None A bug in the example? (Stepan Litvin)
Date: 18 Aug, 2017
From: John Allison <John Allison>

Yes. This will happen if you are using a GUI (Graphical User Interface, such as Xm or Qt). There's a bug in gui.mac, which is executed *after* vis.mac, but also executes vis.mac, so vis.mac is executed twice. The fix, which we will submit to the next release, is to delete 4 lines from gui.mac.

Index: gui.mac
--- gui.mac     (revision 105464)
+++ gui.mac     (working copy)
@@ -3,10 +3,6 @@
 # the menu bar of the G4UIXm, G4UIQt, G4UIWin32 sessions.
 # It has no effect with G4UIterminal.
-# Process vis.mac (and draw geometry)
-/control/execute vis.mac
 # File menu :
 /gui/addMenu file File
 /gui/addButton file Quit exit

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