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Question Scintillation in LXe example (extended, optical) 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 07 Jul, 2017
From: Beatriz Tapia <Beatriz Tapia>


I attach two files containing the same run with different verbose levels. I use the LXe example, replace liquid Xenon with liquid Argon and shoot into the container a muon with initial energy of 10GeV. I have turned off Cerenkov for simplicity.

I have added some code lines into

if (theTrack->GetCurrentStepNumber()==1){

           G4cout << "--------------------------" << G4endl;
           G4cout << "Process name: " <<  theCurrentTrack->GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessName() << G4endl;
           G4cout << "Particle's definition: " <<  theCurrentTrack->GetParticleDefinition()->GetParticleName() << G4endl;

           if (theCurrentTrack->GetParticleDefinition() == G4OpticalPhoton::OpticalPhotonDefinition()) {
             createdphoton += 1;
             G4cout << "Number of created photons: " <<  createdphoton << G4endl;
                   scintphoton += 1;
                   //G4cout << "Process: " << theCurrentTrack-> GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessName() << G4endl;
                   G4cout << "Number of scintillated photons: " <<  scintphoton << G4endl;

                cerenphoton += 1;
                G4cout << "Number of cerenkov photons: " <<  cerenphoton << G4endl;

Therefore, the muon gets killed after producing secondaries. 

My question is: Where do the optical photons come from? From the lines I coded, I get the output, that their creator process is Scintillation. Nevertheless, the muon itself does not undergo the process Scintillation.

Is the process Scintillation entangled with muIoni (muon Ionisation) or do those Scintillation processes occur before the muon undergoes muIoni?

Is the 0th step of a secondary the exact location of its creation?

Thank you, Beatriz

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