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Sad Optical photon as primary particle/Length absorption problem 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 20 Jan, 2015
From: Clément DUPONT <Clément DUPONT>

Hello everyone,

I try to simulate absorption and scattering process of visible photon (wavelength about 630 nm, equal to 1,96 eV) in the "G4 world" composed of water (I begin with a very simple simulation).
I mainly took inspiration from the example "novice 6".
The only problem I have is that my photons are absorbed after a propagation of only a few micrometers which is not correct. I don't know where can be situated my mistake.
I declare my water properties as in the example novice 6.

G4double photonEnergy[] =
    { 2.034*eV, 2.068*eV, 2.103*eV, 2.139*eV,
        2.177*eV, 2.216*eV, 2.256*eV, 2.298*eV,
        2.341*eV, 2.386*eV, 2.433*eV, 2.481*eV,
        2.532*eV, 2.585*eV, 2.640*eV, 2.697*eV,
        2.757*eV, 2.820*eV, 2.885*eV, 2.954*eV,
        3.026*eV, 3.102*eV, 3.181*eV, 3.265*eV,
        3.353*eV, 3.446*eV, 3.545*eV, 3.649*eV,
        3.760*eV, 3.877*eV, 4.002*eV, 4.136*eV };
    const G4int nEntries = sizeof(photonEnergy)/sizeof(G4double);
    // Water
    G4double refractiveIndex1[] =
    { 1.3435, 1.344, 1.3445, 1.345, 1.3455,
        1.346, 1.3465, 1.347, 1.3475, 1.348,
        1.3485, 1.3492, 1.35, 1.3505, 1.351,
        1.3518, 1.3522, 1.3530, 1.3535, 1.354,
        1.3545, 1.355, 1.3555, 1.356, 1.3568,
        1.3572, 1.358, 1.3585, 1.359, 1.3595,
        1.36, 1.3608};
    assert(sizeof(refractiveIndex1) == sizeof(photonEnergy));
    G4double absorption[] =
    {3.448*m, 4.082*m, 6.329*m, 9.174*m, 12.346*m, 13.889*m,
        15.152*m, 17.241*m, 18.868*m, 20.000*m, 26.316*m, 35.714*m,
        45.455*m, 47.619*m, 52.632*m, 52.632*m, 55.556*m, 52.632*m,
        52.632*m, 47.619*m, 45.455*m, 41.667*m, 37.037*m, 33.333*m,
        30.000*m, 28.500*m, 27.000*m, 24.500*m, 22.000*m, 19.500*m,
        17.500*m, 14.500*m };
    assert(sizeof(absorption) == sizeof(photonEnergy));

    G4MaterialPropertiesTable* myMPT1 = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();
    myMPT1->AddConstProperty("FASTTIMECONSTANT", 1.*ns);
    G4double energy_water[] = {
        1.56962*eV, 1.58974*eV, 1.61039*eV, 1.63157*eV,
        1.65333*eV, 1.67567*eV, 1.69863*eV, 1.72222*eV,
        1.74647*eV, 1.77142*eV, 1.7971 *eV, 1.82352*eV,
        1.85074*eV, 1.87878*eV, 1.90769*eV, 1.93749*eV,
        1.96825*eV, 1.99999*eV, 2.03278*eV, 2.06666*eV,
        2.10169*eV, 2.13793*eV, 2.17543*eV, 2.21428*eV,
        2.25454*eV, 2.29629*eV, 2.33962*eV, 2.38461*eV,
        2.43137*eV, 2.47999*eV, 2.53061*eV, 2.58333*eV,
        2.63829*eV, 2.69565*eV, 2.75555*eV, 2.81817*eV,
        2.88371*eV, 2.95237*eV, 3.02438*eV, 3.09999*eV,
        3.17948*eV, 3.26315*eV, 3.35134*eV, 3.44444*eV,
        3.54285*eV, 3.64705*eV, 3.75757*eV, 3.87499*eV,
        3.99999*eV, 4.13332*eV, 4.27585*eV, 4.42856*eV,
        4.59258*eV, 4.76922*eV, 4.95999*eV, 5.16665*eV,
        5.39129*eV, 5.63635*eV, 5.90475*eV, 6.19998*eV
    const G4int numentries_water = sizeof(energy_water)/sizeof(G4double);
    //assume 100 times larger than the rayleigh scattering for now.
    G4double mie_water[] = {
        167024.4*m, 158726.7*m, 150742 *m,
        143062.5*m, 135680.2*m, 128587.4*m,
        121776.3*m, 115239.5*m, 108969.5*m,
        102958.8*m, 97200.35*m, 91686.86*m,
        86411.33*m, 81366.79*m, 76546.42*m,
        71943.46*m, 67551.29*m, 63363.36*m,
        59373.25*m, 55574.61*m, 51961.24*m,
        48527.00*m, 45265.87*m, 42171.94*m,
        39239.39*m, 36462.50*m, 33835.68*m,
        31353.41*m, 29010.30*m, 26801.03*m,
        24720.42*m, 22763.36*m, 20924.88*m,
        19200.07*m, 17584.16*m, 16072.45*m,
        14660.38*m, 13343.46*m, 12117.33*m,
        10977.70*m, 9920.416*m, 8941.407*m,
        8036.711*m, 7202.470*m, 6434.927*m,
        5730.429*m, 5085.425*m, 4496.467*m,
        3960.210*m, 3473.413*m, 3032.937*m,
        2635.746*m, 2278.907*m, 1959.588*m,
        1675.064*m, 1422.710*m, 1200.004*m,
        1004.528*m, 833.9666*m, 686.1063*m
    assert(sizeof(mie_water) == sizeof(energy_water));
    // gforward, gbackward, forward backward ratio
    G4double mie_water_const[3]={0.99,0.99,0.8};
    G4cout << "Water G4MaterialPropertiesTable" << G4endl;
    // Set the Birks Constant for the Water scintillator

However, I didn't declare cerenkov and scintillation process because my source is composed of these primary optical photon particles. Is that right?

void PhysicsList::ConstructInteraction()
    G4OpAbsorption* absorptionProcess = new G4OpAbsorption();
    G4OpRayleigh* rayleighScatteringProcess = new G4OpRayleigh();
    G4OpMieHG* mieHGScatteringProcess = new G4OpMieHG();
    G4OpBoundaryProcess* boundaryProcess = new G4OpBoundaryProcess();
while( (*theParticleIterator)() ){
  G4ParticleDefinition* particle = theParticleIterator->value();
    G4ProcessManager* pmanager = particle->GetProcessManager();
    G4String particleName = particle->GetParticleName();

    if (particleName == "opticalphoton")
        // opticalphoton

Your help would be really appreciated.

Best regards,

Clément Dupont.

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