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Question Coat a quartz cylinder with aluminium. 

Forum: Processes Involving Optical Photons
Date: 26 May, 2014
From: JungEun Elena Suh <JungEun Elena Suh>

Dear all

Hello, Can I ask a stupid question?

I have a lump of quartz cylinder, and I want to coat it with aluminium. and some photons go though the quartz cylinder should be reflected by this aluminium. The wavelength of this photon is 400nm ~ 600nm.

So, first I try to make another slightly bigger cylinder and subtract inside(quartz cylinder). And set the material as below.

  G4Material* Al = new G4Material("Aluminum", 13., 26.98*g/mole, 2.700*g/cm3);
  G4double Al_PP[NUMENTRIES] = {5.0*eV, 6.69*eV, 7.50*eV};
  G4double Al_refl[NUMENTRIES] = {1., 1., 1.,};
  G4double Al_refr[NUMENTRIES] = {0.49, 0.81, 1.26};
  G4double Al_ABSL[NUMENTRIES] = {3.0*cm, 3.0*cm, 3.0*cm};
  G4MaterialPropertiesTable* mptAl = new G4MaterialPropertiesTable();

However, some photons are penetrate Al mirror. Is it possible? or if I change ABSL as < 0.01*cm, then this phenomenon is disappeared. (Because the thickness of Al is 100um) and I think that it is right. Then it means those photons are not reflected but absorbed? Even if I set the reflectivity as 1? Of course I know 100% reflectance is impossible but it seems strange for me...

Sorry I'm just beginner, so I want to know why this happens. :-)

Oh and can I ask one more question? Am I on the right way to coat quartz cylinder with Al? Do I need to use optical surface..something rather than this way?

Thank you so much! Have a nice day.

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