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Re: Question Optical photon tracking - fGeomBoundary (George Dedes)
Re: Feedback Re: Optical photon tracking - fGeomBoundary (Gumplinger Peter)
Date: 16 Aug, 2013
From: George Dedes <George Dedes>

Hi Peter,

if I understood your question:

s is a pointer to each step of any particle in the simulation. So it is a G4Step* s

ParticleName is s->GetTrack()->GetDefinition()->GetParticleName();

The behavior I mentioned is really strange. I haven't been working with optical photons before, but quite a bit with hadronic interactions. So, in those cases, the snippet of the code I sent works. Actually it works quite as expected in the N06 code with every particle apart from optical photons...

So my general question is whether optical photons stop in the volume boundaries (they should I guess and it is confirmed when asking the opticalphotons entering a volume - then there is a prestep with fGeomBoundary), and most important, how one can have access to the particles just exiting a volume (the poststep of the last step in a volume being a fGeomBoundary) as with all other particles.

I also keep the verbosity from G4OpBoundary, it is what it give me all the

 Photon at Boundary! 
 thePrePV:  Scint3
 thePostPV: Tank3
 Old Momentum Direction: (0.168113,0.67367,-0.719658)
 Old Polarization:       (-0.977934,0.205831,-0.0357686)
 New Momentum Direction: (0.168113,0.67367,-0.719658)
 New Polarization:       (-0.977934,0.205831,-0.0357686)
 *** FresnelRefraction *** 

right? But this is not very flexible as I would like to select the info I am interested in from the UserSteppingAction and write it to a file so I can analyze it.

Thanks for any help, George

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