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Re: Question About the properties of material and surface
Date: 19 Jul, 2013
From: Gumplinger Peter <Gumplinger Peter>

> What I want to know is that for one material or one surface: how many
> properties we can add?

As many as you like, but they are useless unless you also have code either in the G4 toolkit or your own that is actually accessing the 'named property' and uses it for some calculation.

> what the properties (including key and meaning)
> are? what their default values are?

There are no default values for material properties added with: AddProperty

The current list of properties:

"GROUPVEL" has the same units as 'c_light' in Geant4. However, GROUPVEL is not really expected to be input by the user directly - although it's possible and allowed.

In G4Scintillation:

"SCINTILLATIONYIELD" has units of 1/deposited energy

without units:



In G4OpBoundary (without units):





Constants in G4OpMieHG:


in G4OpWLS:


> where can i get these informations?

All of them are explained in Application Developers Guide under Optical Photon Processes!

> In addition, about the "ABSLENGTH", is it the "The depth into the
> material measured along the surface normal where the intensity of x-rays
> falls to 1/e of its value at the surface" ?

Yes, and its definition is 'the mean free path' e.g. the average distance travelled before interaction.

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