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None Re: angle Cerenkov radiation 

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Re: Question angle Cerenkov radiation
Re: None Re: angle Cerenkov radiation (Michael H. Kelsey)
Date: 11 Jun, 2013
From: michel maire <michel maire>

On Mon, 10 Jun 2013 20:53:09 GMT, Michael H. Kelsey wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Jun 2013 15:21:28 GMT, bg92 wrote:
> > I would like to compute the angle between a particle (a pion for
> > example) and its Cerenkov photons. In my SteppingAction, I can get the
> > ParentID of the track with aStep->GetParentID(), but as far as I know,
> > there is no method to get the 3momentum info of the track parent:
> > something like: aStep->GetParent()->getMomentum()
> Right. Parents are not guaranteed to exist in an event (for example, in
> an inelastic hadronic process, the parent particle is stopped and
> killed, and only the new secondaries exist). The ParentID is provided
> for reference, and is useful only if you archive the tracks in the event
> yourself (e.g., by saving trajectories to a HepRep file).
> For your situation, I think you want to turn the problem around: in your
> stepping action, follow the incident pion as the main track. In a step
> where there are secondaries created, look at those secondaries and see
> if they are Cherenkov photons. Then compute and save the angle between
> the pion at that step and the photon(s) created at that step (which you
> can get in 9.5 and later releases, via
> G4Step::GetSecondaryInCurrentStep()).
>   -- Michael Kelsey
 We do something like that in TestEm14

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